The Sun, July 2014The One You’re With: Barbara Fredrickson on Why We Should Rethink Love.” The Sun, July 2014, 4–13.

An interview about the fundamental essence of love and the science of lovingkindness meditation with Barbara Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology at UNC–Chapel Hill.


The Sun, May 2010“No Sweat.” The Sun, May 2010, 24–27.

An essay about body image, relationships with men, and running from exercise.

Utne Reader, Sep-Oct 2009Finding Happiness by Cultivating Positive Emotions.” Utne Reader, September–October 2009, 62–67.

A condensed version of my interview with Barbara Fredrickson (“The Science of Happiness”), reprinted in Utne‘s twenty-fifth anniversary issue.

The Sun, August 2009
Across the Universe: Stanislav Grof on Nonordinary States of Consciousness.” The Sun, August 2009, 4–14.

An interview about holotropic breathwork and nonordinary states of consciousness with Stan Grof, psychiatrist and founder of the International Transpersonal Association.

The Sun, May 2009The Science of Happiness: Barbara Fredrickson on Cultivating Positive Emotions.” The Sun, May 2009, 4–13.

An interview about the benefits of positive emotions with Barb Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology at UNC. An excerpt of this interview is reprinted in America Now: Short Readings from Recent Periodicals (Bedford/St. Martin’s), edited by Robert Atwan.

The Sun, January 2008Don’t Kill the Instant Messenger.” The Sun, January 2008, 46–47.

A promotional essay announcing the launch of The Sun’s new website, a project I oversaw during my work as associate publisher.

cover_issue_348Many Thanks: Gregg Krech on the Revolutionary Practice of Gratitude.” The Sun, December 2004, 4–14.

An interview about gratitude, Naikan, and Japanese psychology with Gregg Krech, director of the ToDo Institute in Monkton, Vermont.